EUI Holds Her Orientation Programme for New Students - 2016/2017


In the opening address, the Ag. Vice Chancellor, Prof. E.O. Aluyor congratulated and advised the newly admitted students to be good ambassadors of the University. A brief history about the University was given by Dr. Mrs. Isoken Ogboro, the Registrar of the University. She advised the students to focus on their studies squarely and avoid all immoral acts. She also admonished them to dress decently as the University will not tolerate any form of indecent dressing. 

In his address on “Taking pride in your contribution to our Future; Town and Gown, the University Culture and Services”: the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. S. M. Omodia admonished the students to endeavor to contribute positively to upholding a functional academic culture in the University through the manifestation of good maintenance culture, prompt payment of school fees and general good conduct as they are part of the image makers of the University to the wider world.

In his Speech, Mr. A. Garuba, the Librarian, admonished the students to take advantage of the resources available in the library so they can have a very rich academic experience. The Bursar of the University, Mr. C. Okhani emphasized and advised students on the need to pay their school fees promptly. Prof O.O. Akinyinka, the Provost of the Medical School advised students to abstain from drug abuse and sexual immorality. The Dean of Student’s Affairs, Dr. Mrs. F. U Masajuwa also advised students to live peacefully with one another, tolerate one another and learn to live in harmony in the halls of residence. Students were advised to be security conscious at all times. They were also encouraged to make use of the sporting equipments provided by the University.

The Ag. Vice Chancellor however, concluded the event by admonishing them to focus on their studies which constitute their primary purpose of being on campus.