Department Of Electrical/Electronic Engineering Courseware

Intended Learning Outcome At the completion of the lecture, it is expected that the students should be able to:
(i)Understand that operator j stands for ?1 and be able to simplify powers of j to ±???? ???????? ±1
(ii)Understand that complex numbers consist of (real part) + j(imaginary part)
(iii)Add, subtract, multiply and divide complex number.
(iv)Determine the conjugate of a complex number
(v)Know the conditions for the equality of two complex numbers
(vi)Complex numbers can be represented graphically using…
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Week 1-2: Introduction to current electricity, DC circuits, measurement of voltage, current, resistance in a circuit and ohms law.
Week 3-4: Basic circuit laws and theorems.
Week 5-6: Analysis of power in AC circuits, resonance in AC circuits and power factor.
Week 7-8: Analysis of semi-conductor materials, diode and its application.
Week 9-10: Transistor characteristics, device and circuits.
Week 11: Electrical power measurements.
Week 12 Revision

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