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Course Description:
This course focuses on issues of African History from early times to the beginning of the nineteenth century. It is designed to introduce students to some of the broad themes that dominate the study of African History before 1800 as well as many of the key scholars and the debates of the field. Its central themes are the possibility of African history and sources such as oral traditions, archaeology, origin of man in the continent and his relations…
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Week 1-2:Introduction to concepts of diplomacy
Week 3-4nature and goal of diplomacy
Week 5-6: the modalities, tool and etiquette of diplomacy
Week 7-8: the origins and evolution of diplomacy
Week 9-10:Greeks, Byzantium and Italian methods of diplomacy
Week 11:impact of the thirty years war and the Treaty of Westphalia on diplomacy
Week 12 Revision

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