Department Of Political Science and Public Administration Courseware

Course Schedule
Week 1: What is International relations?
     ? Conventional and contemporary definitions of international relations.
     ? Changing phases of international relations as a field of study.
Week 2: Scope and Sub-fields of International Relations
     ? Scope of international relation
     ? Sub fields of International relations.
Week 3: The Historical Development of Contemporary International Relations.
     ? Historical and evolutionary trend of contemporary international relations.
Week 4: Approaches to the study…
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Week 1: Political Science: Definitions and Conceptualization.
     ? The concept of politics.
     ? What is science?
     ? What is political science?

Week 2: The science of politics: The scientific status of the discipline.
     ? The meaning of science
     ? Cannons of science
     ? The scientific nature of the study of politics
     ? Political scientist and the use of scientific patterns

Week 3: Relationship…
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One basic responsibilities of political scientist is to be able to analyse events as they occur in polity. Political analysis help us to understand what is important, valuable, and real or true in politics.There are different conceptions of politics because scholars tend to define politics base on their perception or field of study. The earliest conception of politics belonged to the Greeks, who viewed politics as matters in the public realm as against the private realm.

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2. International society
3. International community
4. Theoretical approaches to the study of the international system
5. Definition of international system
6. Definition of international society
7. Definition of international community
8. Differences and similarities between international system, society, and community

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Week 1: Meaning of public policy
Week 2: Meaning of public policy Analysis
The policy cycle
Week 3: Public policy cycle
Actors in the policy process
Week 4: Governmental actors
Week 5: Non-governmental actors
Models of Decision Making in public Policy
Week 6: Rational-comprehensive
Week 7: Satisfying
Week8: Mixed scanning
Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
Week 9: Strategies of CBA
Week10: Strengths of CBA
Week 11: Weaknesses of CBA
Week 12 Revision

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