Dr Awuzie Solomon   (Published 2017)

Dr Solomon
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This article contends that Nigeria has lost her pride among the committee of nations as a result of the nefarious activities of visionless and selfish politicians who plunder the rich human and natural resources of the country. The article investigates the causes of corruption among Nigerian politicians using the poetry of Chukwuma Ibezute. The experiences of the citizens of Nigeria in the post-colony have been a vicious cycle of series of exploitation by corrupt politicians in suits and military uniforms. The study employs post-colonial theory in the analysis of Ibezute’s Cries of the Downtrodden. Consequently, the study advocates the need to sensitize the masses on the power they wield and stresses the fact that they are capable of removing corrupt leaders from office through the ballot.


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Keywords: Corruption and Politics in Chukwuma Ibezute’s
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