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Lecture Note

Lecture four

Relationship between Political Science and other Discipline

Topic outline;

The relationship between political science and;

  • History

  • Philosophy

  • Law

  • Sociology

  • Economics

Expected outcome; at the end of the topic

  • Students should be able to describe the relationship between political science and other displine.

  • Relationship exist between political science and other discipline because in its inquiry political science uses methods, models, theories and selects facts from other discipline

According to Ekpekurede and Umokoro (2010), the following are the relationship between political science and other discipline

Political science and history: the study of history includes a survey of economic, religious, intellectual and social developments as well as a study of states, their growth and organization and their relationship with one another. Historical records are very useful in the study of political processes. Political scientist therefore selects facts from history and uses historical method in political analysis.

Political science and Law: Some aspects of political science are concerned with law making and implementation. Political activities in any political system are carried out within the framework of law. Aspects of law studied in political science are constitutional development, administrative and international law.

Political science and sociology: sociological theories and writings are useful for explanation and prediction of political phenomena. A sub field of political science is called political sociology which involves the application of sociological theories and concepts to political behavior and processes.

Political science and philosophy: The contribution of philosophy has greatly enriched the study of political science. The origin of the study of politics cannot be separated from philosophy. Political philosophy is one of the subfields of political science. In political philosophy, the philosophical thoughts of classical, medieval and modern political philosophers are examined.

Political science and economics: aspects of economics such as public financial management and public sector economics are related to political science. Political economy is also a sub field of political that studies the social relations between people taking part in the process of production and the laws governing the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of material value at different stages in the society’s development.


Ekpekurede W. and Umukoro, N. (2010) Political Science: An Introduction. Lagos: AMBIK Press


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