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Lecture Note

Lecture five

Subfields of Political Science

At the end of the topic, students are expected to

  • Explain the various subfields of political science.

Political science is a broad discipline with many subfields.

These subfields are;

  • Political theory or philosophy

  • Comparative politics

  • International relations

  • Political economy

  • Political sociology

  • Public administration

  • Environmental politics

Ekpekurede and Umukoro (2010) explain the subfields as follows;

Political theory or philosophy is a branch of political science which entails the examination of social and political thoughts of classical, medieval and modern political philosopher such as Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Saint Augustine, Nicclo Machiavelli amongst others.

Political sociology is concerned with the application of sociological theories and concepts to political behavior. Topics covered in political sociology includes; political culture, political socialization, political participation, political movement and political change.

Comparative politics is a subfield of political science that involves two elements (i) it is a subject of study comparing the nature of politics and the political process across different political systems. (ii) it is a method of identifying and explaining similarities and differences between countries. Comparison can be done on Institutions, constitutions, Laws, organizations, civil societies, and foreign relations, economic and political functions of different political systems.

Public administration deals with the study of and practice of public administration. Public administration deals with a broad range of theory designed to promote understanding of bureaucracy at national, regional and local government.

International relations is concerned with the;

Political economy studies the social relationships between people taking part in the process of distribution of material values, and laws governing the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of material goods at different stages in the society’s development.

Environmental politics also known as green politics focuses on the making and implementation of public policy in the area of the environment at international, national and local levels.


Ekpekurede, W. and Umukoro (2010) Political Science-An Introduction. Nigeria: AMBIK Press


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