A Rebuttal by the Management of Edo University Iyamho to trending online News Reports






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A Rebuttal by the Management of Edo University Iyamho to trending online News



The attention of the management of Edo University Iyamho has been drawn to the news headlines variously captioned “Edo owned University not for the poor “Edo University, Iyamho not for the poor”, VC says Edo University not for the poor Nigerian and published in the online edition of some news media dated Monday 24th July, 2017.


At no point did the Ag. Vice Chancellor either expressly or impliedly make a statement that could be conjured in the manner of those headlines. We do not therefore agree with those headlines and consequently, view those captions as sensational headlines calculated to tarnish the good image of the University. It is our submission, that these headlines misinformed, misguided and misreported the position of Edo University as regards its mission of providing quality education to all classes of Nigerians.


We further submit that the misleading headlines may have been initiated by people motivated by  partisan  hegemonistic  interests  who  found  it  appropriate  to  use  online  media  as instruments to implement those interests.


The fact is that Edo University is a world Class University designed to provide quality education geared towards the socio economic, political and technological advancements of the Nigerian State and indeed the world irrespective of social status.


As a matter of fact, there is a built-in scheme for the poor known as the “Undergraduate Indigent Students Scholarship Awards (ISSA) and the Undergraduate Full Scholarship Award  (UFSA)  which  are purely designed  to  reward excellence and  provide access  to quality education to indigent students.


On this premise, we condemn and counter in strong terms any allegation or misinformation either published on the pages of newspaper or orally spread by any person or groups to tarnish the good image of the Ag. Vice Chancellor and by extension, that of the University; as this is a calculated attempt to stigmatize his personality and dent the image of the University.


Consequently, we urge the good reading public both online and offline, to please disregard those headlines as they are nothing but sensational captions.


We also wish to assure the general public that the Ag. Vice Chancellor will continue in his good work and will not allow disgruntled and undesirable elements to distract him in his avowed desire to run and position Edo University Iyamho as one of the Ivy League Universities in Nigeria and globally.





Dr. (Mrs.) Isoken Ogboro